4. Dynamics of a Real Sprinkler System

In this section what was learned in the previous sections will be revisited and applied to information given for a dynamic “real” system to determine what will happen when water flows through an irrigation system. An assignment at the end will allow you to explain what you have learned.  You will need to learn the earlier concepts to be able to complete the assignment.

Dynamics of a Real Sprinkler System Objectives:

  • You will use your learning from previous topics to understand water flow, water pressure and friction loss in an example system.
  • You will apply the understanding that the pump puts water into the pipeline and that nozzles allow water to leave to explain the flow rate in all sections of pipe.
  • You will understand that friction loss is a function of water velocity in understanding the amount of friction loss in each pipe section.
  • You will understand why nozzle pressures change from sprinkler to sprinkler in the example system.
  • You will think when completing the assignment.